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-- Paul Kim, Ph.D. Chief Technology Officer & Assistant Dean, Stanford University School of Education --

A child playing a mobile learning device in UN Refugee Camp in Africa

The latest development work for Teachermate

Engineering Students at UTEC - Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador
have developed a mobile math game for underserved schools as part of social innovation project between Stanford University and UTEC. The professor who is currently leading this project is Jorge Aparicio and his students are:
Cruz Aldana, Franklin Javier; Márquez Amaya, Hugo Alfredo; Melara Argueta, Aldo Salvador; Recinos Carballo, Gerardo Ernesto; and Zepeda, Caty Eloísa.

The game documentation is available here
Also, the game executable is here

CETYS University students have developed 4 educational games and they are featured at the Stanford University School of Education web site. Click here to read more.

As part of social innovation collaboration projects between Stanford University School of Education and CETYS University, Mexico, a group of engineering students from CETYS university are developing mobile learning games for the underserved primary schools in Baja California area. This work is being sponsored by Innovations for Learning.